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Discover New Zealand and some of the worlds most spectacular landscapes

If that doesn't make you stop what you're doing and start packing your bags immediately, here are another 5 reasons why you need to visit New Zealand now!

  1. The locals are great!

    Kiwis are known for being laid back and friendly, a helping hand and a 'hello' will never be far away
  2. Did we mention the stunning landscapes?

    We'll say it again, the New Zealand landscapes are truly spectacular - you'll be struggling to remove your camera after two weeks of it being permanently glued to you hand
  3. It's the place to be for all things adventure!

    Home to Queenstown, 'the adventure capital of the world', New Zealand will have your adrenaline pumping almost too hard to handle!
  4. There's plenty of adventure, but it's still as safe as your grandma's living room

    With an animal population that consists almost entirely of birds, insects, and introduced mammals like cows and sheep, there is nothing here that is going to try and eat you while you're out for a lovely nature walk!
  5. Say it with me - wine

    New Zealand produces some of the finest pinot noir and sauvignon blanc in the world. What better way to relax after a day of adventuring than with a delicious glass of the best kind of grape juice?